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Digital Help

Helping Go supports volunteer car schemes to make the most of digital technologies.

New Scheme Technologies

If you are setting up a new car scheme and looking for the best way to communicate with volunteers and users through digital channels (smart-phone, internet, email, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.), Helping Go can help.

We know about digital technology and how to get the best from it. We have developed best practice guides and can start with an informal chat.

Our help is free and there is no long-term commitment.

Volunteer Car Scheme Facts

A voluntary car scheme is an organised form of car sharing, which relies on a pool of volunteer drivers to take people on prearranged journeys.  Car schemes can assist anyone in the local community who needs help with transport. 

Most often this is elderly, sick or disabled people, but some schemes may decide to extend this to a wider range of beneficiaries.  Likewise, some schemes might restrict their service to a specific group of people, such as cancer patients.

Organised community car schemes help local people by providing a much needed lifeline to the outside world, and services that they need to access, thereby improving the quality of life for those individuals.

You will usually use your own car to take people to where they need to be (some schemes offer mini-bus services).   Individual schemes will take different approaches, however, it is common to be able to claim back out of pocket expenses such as mileage and parking costs.

Unsure about Going Digital?

Are you using a paper, card or a spreadsheet based system? 

If you are wanting to understand how the internet can improve your scheme management and unsure what to do, then please speak to us. Helping Go can help you.

Not sure which Digital systems to use?

If you have existing digital systems or internet presence (Website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) but are unsure as to how to make the most of them, then please speak to us.

We provide best practice and guidance as how to develop your use of digital technologies.

We offer free support to car schemes to assist with developing their use of technology.

Our Digital Good Practice Guide explains all of the services that Helping Go offers with hints and tips as how to make the most of using technology for your car scheme.

Download our Digital Good Practice Guide.

To find out more, please contact Helping Go.

Helping Go

Helping Go provides Digital help to Volunteer Car Schemes