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Helping Go is thrilled to join over 500 other participants as a signatory to Scotland’s Digital Participation Charter.  Together we seek to develop the essential digital skills of almost a million Scottish people.

By signing up to the Digital Participation Charter, Helping Go has entered into a contract with the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) and agreed to meet the following Charter Commitments:

  • Ensuring that all of our staff and volunteers have an opportunity to learn basic digital skills, and that they take advantage of this opportunity; and
  • Encouraging and supporting our staff and volunteers to help other people learn basic digital skills, and help other organisations to embrace digital tools.

At Helping Go we are committed to a digital future and believe that digital technology can transform the way Volunteer Car Schemes (VCS) operate in Scotland.  Helping Go aims to build a digital platform and digital capabilities within communities with a goal of bringing together schemes, volunteers and clients to provide an improved service – both in terms of coverage and the quality of user experiences.

To find out more about this scheme click here.

Alternatively to find out more about Helping Go visit our website  or contact us on 0131 677 5223 or via

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