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Support Volunteer Car Schemes by sponsoring a Helping Go project.

With your help, Volunteer Car Schemes can have a digital back-office with on-going advice and support. This significantly improves their operations, compliance and efficiency.


Volunteer Organisations with sponsorship opportunities are:

Upper Tayside Transport Group (UTTG) aim is to:

  • Increase transport options in the Upper Tay area, particularly for isolated and vulnerable people and to enable people to access services.
  • Promote public transport, active transport, and shared transport to reduce negative impacts on the environment.
  • Create a Community Transport Hub to provide information on all transport locally.

This car scheme is for people who need lifts to appointments, shopping, to see friends or whatever the need.  There is a group of volunteer drivers willing to help.

Charity Details: Tay Valley Timebank, SC049606



UTTG are looking for sponsorship to set up Salesforce (£500) and maintain it on an annual basis (£500 pa).

Click here for Sponsorship details.

Why Sponsor a Car Scheme?

You will receive updates as to how your sponsorship is helping your scheme along with statistics on the number of journeys that you have been enabled through your sponsorship.

Helping Go

Helping Go provides Digital help to Volunteer Car Schemes