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Looking for a Lift

KDVCS provide a door to door voluntary car service for people who by reason of age, ill-health, disability or financial hardship, need the provision of accessible transport to aid their mobility, alleviating discomfort and contribute to an improvement in their quality of life. This is for inhabitants of Killin and the surrounding district, where there is a need to access services, which are essential and/or in the interest of their general wellbeing.

  • Contact the car scheme and complete an information questionnaire.

  • If you meet our criteria, we will provide help with your car journeys.

  • There is a charge per mile for the mileage.

  • Drivers receive costs per mile, to cover the running costs of their car and we subsidise the difference.

Volunteer Driving

We are keen to invite new volunteer drivers, especially from the more outlying villages like Tyndrum and Crianlarich. Drivers charge mileage from their home and we would like to reduce costs to passengers by having volunteer Drivers nearby.

Contact Scheme Co-ordinator:

Telephone: 07988 280 743



Helping Go

Helping Go is a Social Enterprise supporting Volunteer Car Schemes.