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Are you considering volunteering?

Do you have access to a car and have some free time to spare?  Would you like to help vulnerable individuals in your area?  If so, we hope that you will consider volunteering with your local Voluntary Car Scheme (VCS).

A VCS is an organised form of car sharing, which relies on a pool of volunteer drivers to take people on prearranged journeys.  Car schemes can assist anyone in the local community who needs help with transport. 

Most often this is elderly, sick or disabled people, but some schemes may decide to extend this to a wider range of beneficiaries.  Likewise, some schemes might restrict their service to a specific group of people, such as cancer patients.

Organised community car schemes help local people by providing a much needed lifeline to the outside world, and services that they need to access, thereby improving the quality of life for those individuals.

You can offer as much or as little time as you want, and you will use your own car to take people to where they need to be.   

Individual schemes will take different approaches, however, it is common to be able to claim back out of pocket expenses such as mileage and parking costs.

How can Helping Go help?

Helping Go supports existing Volunteer Car Schemes and also aims to match people needing lifts with drivers in areas where there is no voluntary car provision.

Click here to find a service in your area.

If you cannot find a volunteer car scheme in your area please contact Helping Go.

Helping Go

Helping Go is a Social Enterprise supporting Volunteer Car Schemes.