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Carol, Linlithgow Link

Committee Member

How long have you volunteered with this car scheme?

Since 2005

How did you find out about the scheme?

From a neighbour

Where do you provide lifts to? For example, medical appointments, socialising, visiting a relative etc.

All medical and hospital appointments

How many lifts do you give a week?

Average of 1 a week

Why is volunteering with this scheme so important to you? Helps with confidence and it means meeting new people What is the best thing(s) about the car scheme?

Giving a service to the isolated/disabled folk in Linlithgow

Would you recommend the scheme to a friend who might wish to volunteer and why?

Yes, to enjoy being part of the community.

What would you tell anyone who is thinking of becoming a volunteer driver?

No pressure or targets to meet. It is good to know you are helping folk.

How do you fit it around other work, interests and commitments?

I try to make time to fit in, but if I can’t do something there is no pressure, I’d be asked the next time.

What is the best thing, from a personal point of view, about volunteering in this role?

Helping people.

Helping Go

Helping Go is a Social Enterprise supporting Volunteer Car Schemes.