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Eileen, Killin & District VCS

Car Scheme Client and support volunteer


Eileen has lived in the village since moving up from Lochearnhead, she has difficulty walking and uses a buggy to get around the village.

Eileen has experienced an increasing number of debilitating conditions recently and has found the car scheme to be very helpful. She has helped to promote the NHS low-income scheme alongside KDVCS by putting leaflets in the community shop/post office.

Eileen is also part of the team working on the Community Action Planning team for the community and recognises the need to include people living out-with the villages, especially the farming community.

Eileen worked as a Youth Outreach Worker and ran a One Stop Youth Project. More recently she worked in accounts at Deep Sea World, North Queensferry before retiring and taking to the road in a camper van with her dogs for five years travelling around Scotland.

What do you like most about the car scheme?

She considers the car scheme to be brilliant as she has experienced a lot of problems getting to the hospitals such as:

  • Lots of hanging around waiting for hospital transport, which arrived very early or so late that appointments were missed.
  • On occasion, Eileen was left after her treatment to wait long periods of time for the driver to take her home and once they failed to pick her up.

Now with the car scheme, the driver is on time, stays with her and importantly it is a supportive friendly experience.

Helping Go

Helping Go is a Social Enterprise supporting Volunteer Car Schemes.